SMA Exteriors for Home Window Repair in Maple Grove

Serving the Maple Grove since 1994, the secret to our success is really no secret at all. Whether you are looking for a complete exterior rehab including siding windows and roof or just one of these services, we offer the best service to our customers. We proudly showcase all our quality products in full sale, just how they would be set up on your dream home.

SMA exteriors and restoration has been leading the door and window industry since 1994. We are licensed, bonded; carry both liability and workman’s comprehensive insurance in addition to industry and manufacturer certifications. We deal with all major brands of windows and doors.

Home window repair

Window sticking? Chips on its exterior? If you are facing any of these issues, then, its time to contact our experts. At SMA exteriors and restoration, we provide a variety of home window repair Maple grove services that can make your windows perform correctly in no time at all. In cases where it requires complete replacement, we can do that by replacing your old ones with the new ones.

Following are the signs that tell you to replace your Home’s windows:

·         Panes have moisture on them

·         Exteriors are chipped or faded

·         Windows do not close or open easily

If you tick any of the above, we are there to help you out. While we have great expertise in repairing windows, it will only extend the life of worn down windows to some extent. But if this is a frequent issue, then it would be smart to go for a full window replacement.

With SMA exteriors, you get outstanding customer service, convenient scheduling, best workmanship and competitive pricing.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your doorstep. When something is wrong with your windows call SMA exteriors.